Shop Local at the Screw Factory's 7th Annual Holiday Open Studio Saturday


In the spirit of the season (no, not Halloween, Christmas — yeah, we know, it's already shopping time), the artists of the Screw Factory (13000 Athens Ave, Lakewood, OH 44017) invite you to their 7th Annual Holiday Open Studio this Saturday, Nov. 1 from noon to 6 p.m.

“I began organizing the shows for a few reasons,” explains the Screw Factory’s Gina DeSantis. “First, we have an amazing building that is an excellent example of repurposing something new and fresh. Second, it gives our customers a chance to see where we work and the tools and equipment that goes into that. Third, we are about promoting small business. Not only artists open their studios. For example, the Movement Factory which holds fitness classes in dance, yoga and Pilates will be open. What makes the factory cool is that it is an incubator of creative entrepreneurship. This year we are excited to have FiveOne Orchestra joining us. They will be accompanied with choreography by Group A. I wanted to incorporate all types of art, not only visual, into our event.”

Participating Resident Artists include Ann Caywood Brown, Anne Creed, Gina DeSantis, Robb Durr, Forest City Portage, Meghan Frankenfield, Katie Hanrahan, Lauren Herzak-Bauman, Ingrid Hoegner, Karen Jewell-Kett, Phyllis Kohring Fannin, Marc Konys, Sandy Millman/Yours Truly Vintage, The Movement Factory, Michelle Mowery, M.C. Nagel, Martin E. O’Connor, Lori Paximadis, Daniel Pruitt, RTD Design Collective, Ryu no Sakebi, Richard Schneider, Patricia Schneider, Kim Schoel, Eva Sherman/Grand River Beads, Karen St. John Vincent, Ursula Ryan and Achala Wali.
Additionally, the show will feature visiting artists Ape Made, Amy Budzar Sebold, Erika Hansen, Beth Martin, Liza Michelle Jewelry, M. Spotts, Terra Verde Handmade, Wright and Rede.

Stop by the Screw Factory this weekend and discover its talented residents (and their work) for yourself.

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