Funny Opening Day Video Finds Out What's Going on in Other Clevelands Nationwide


Cleveland, Georgia!
  • Cleveland, Georgia!
The release of the new Cleveland Nike ad — an ad we've now watched 230 times in succession — along with our own foraging for highlights from LeBron's very first NBA game, has occasioned some deep and soulful emotions on this, the opening day of the Cavaliers' 2014-2015 season.

(Our total Nike ad views up to 232, FYI).

But we were alerted to another fun video celebrating Cleveland on opening day, produced by the folks at Wyse advertising, and it's a nice minimalist counterpoint to the grandiose Nike product (still at 232 views, if you can believe it).

It features audio recording of folks from other "Clevelands" in the United States talking about the events (or lack thereof) going on today in their noble communities. 

"We just started talking about how to spin this in a different way than what anybody else would be doing and we came upon this idea of seeing what's happening in all the other Clevelands," Wyse's Creative Director Lane Strauss wrote in an email. "It took off from there. Everyone was a great sport."

Strauss said the video was just an intra-office side project — "We like to do things like this all the time. Creativity shouldn't just stop at our clients!" wrote Strauss, a former writer for ESPN Magazine — and that projects like these are a meaningful, entertaining way for the community to rally together on "one of the most unique days" in the city's history. 


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