Be a Part of the Second Installment of Cleveland SOUP This Month


Cleveland SOUP's first winner.
  • Cleveland SOUP's first winner.
It was just a few weeks ago that we chatted with Marika Shioiri-Clark and Graham Veysey, partners in life and partners behind Cleveland SOUP, the micro-grant program found in plenty of other cities around America that had its first edition in Cleveland this summer. Edition No. 2 is just a week away.

The setup is quite simple: Cleveland SOUP solicits ideas from folks who would like to be funded. Only four basic questions need to be answered when applying (email:

1. What is your project? (try to explain a tangible outcome you would be able to achieve with the money you would receive at SOUP)
2. How does this project benefit the Cleveland community?
3. What is your time frame for the project and how could you report
progress/completion at a future SOUP dinner?
4. How will you use money raised from SOUP?
$20 is collected from everyone at the door or in advance. People listen to the final presentations curated by the organizers from all the applicants. People eat. People vote on the winner. Winner takes the money.

The first session got Rust Belt Riders $2,000 for an idea to deliver compost to local gardens.

Cleveland SOUP number two is Nov. 20 at St. John's Episcopal Church parish hall (2600 Church Street in Ohio City). RSVP to if you'd like to attend and be sure to include what dish you're bringing. Also hit up the email with ideas answering those aforementioned four questions if you'd like to be considered as a presenter.

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