Reminder: Snow Brings Out the Absolute Best in Our Local TV News Stations


Unwilling to move to reach for the remote control last night, we at the Scene action news team caught the 10 o'clock edition of 19 Action News. Somewhere between Chris Van Vliet regurgitating headlines from E! for 30 seconds and Jeff Tanchak gathering every bit of emotion he could to relay "It's cold and still snowing" every three minutes, we were graced with some actual news. Spoiler: It was weather-related. Double spoiler: It was absolutely tremendous.

Segment No. 1: "Buying Things to Keep Warm," wherein a temp with a camera is dispatched to Beachwood Mall to stalk a teenager in the shoe department and ask her what she's doing. "Um, I'm shopping for boots," was her apt reply.

Segment No. 2: "People Who Work Outside When It's Cold Are Cold," wherein a man is thrust out of the safety and warmth of the 19 Action News van to stand near East Fourth and pursue the theory that yesterday's temperatures — in the TEENS, guys — was unbearable, only to interview one man dressed pretty casually who said, "It's not that bad."

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