Four Ways to Legally Drink Underage in Ohio


Whether you're a "cool" parent — and to be honest, "cool" parents are actually the worst — or just a kid looking to get a little buzz on, Ohio law stipulates four occasions under which folks not yet 21 can legally consume alcohol in the state. 

1. On private, non alcohol-selling premises and with consent of parent or spouse- Throw 'em back in a private home, office, or on private property as long as a parent or of-age spouse is physically present to give consent. Hey ma, this graduation party is killer. What? You've had a bottle of chardonnay already? You will probably say yes to anything I ask. 

2. On alcohol-selling premises with consent of parent or spouse - Drink up at a restaurant or bar, so long as mom or pop places the order, and gives permission. Pass the onion rings, and that Miller Lite draft.

3.  For religious purposes -  Sip on some wine or any other alcoholic elixir, as long as it's part of a recognized religious service. Catholics had it right all along.

4  For medical purposes - Get a doc to write a script, and you're in the clear. Glaucoma, sadly, probably isn't a qualifying malady. 

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