Prior to Reports of Fight, Rumors of Johnny Manziel Participating in WWE's December Pay-Per-View in Cleveland


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[Editor's note: Before Scene broke the news yesterday of Johnny Manziel's alleged involvement in a late Friday night fight involving some 20 people at the 9 in downtown Cleveland, we were going to publish this bit also involving Johnny and a heavy dose of rumor. We thought it was fun enough to pass along. Given the turn of events in the last 24 hours, it's a little more fun.]


It wasn't that long ago that WWE superstar Hulk Hogan hammed it up at the Q at a Cavs game while promoting the upcoming WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs event on December 14th. Big time wresting in the home of LeBron James live on Pay-Per-View? What could possibly be more hypelicious than that?

Johnny Manziel being a part of the show, that’s what. During a chat with a WWE source, they let it be known the wrestling organization was interested in having Manziel be involved in the event, possibly teaming up with Hulk Hogan for a stunt or promo.

A source close to Johnny Manziel relayed that Manziel is a wrestling fan and would be interested in working with Hogan and was probably going to be at the event anyway. No official offer from WWE was extended, however, they said.

Manziel is in the middle of a football season and under contract with the Browns and in a bit of a public relations pickle, yet again, so obviously he would not be trying to body slam Yokozuna on an aircraft carrier or anything like that. And the loose mutual interest will probably peter out. Still. Browns fans and the sports world can hope: December 14 at TLC, which starts at 7:30, well after the Browns will be done with their game against the Bengals at First Energy Stadium, could be Johnny’s time to shine; it just might be in the ring instead of on the field.


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