Here's the Word Ohioans Use Most Frequently in Online Dating



Earlier this year, Nerd Wallet ranked Cleveland one of the best cities in the U.S. for singles, which likely means there are a heck of a lot of folks in Northeast Ohio and beyond using online dating sites to snag a Saturday night companion or "friend" to take to that second cousin's fiance's sister's wedding next month.

But have you ever wondered what distinguishes Ohio's online dating scene from, say, New York's or California's? 

Well Mashable did, so they asked to check out the habits and interests of online daters in each of the 50 states by scanning for the most frequently used words or phrases on people's profiles.

So what's Ohio's most frequently used word?

"Bonfire," apparently.

Not "OSU fan." Not "day at the lake." Not "pierogi," (which would be at the top of our profile, but hey, who's asking?)

But bonfire, which is exactly what we did in high school after band practices with stolen six-packs of Busch Light.

At least our results weren't as bizarre as Mississippi's whose top word was "lookin" - what does that even mean??

Head over to to check out the full list of regional dating words.

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