All Three Police Experts the NEOMG Spoke To Said Tamir Rice Shooting Was Tactically Slipshod


The NEOMG, working double duty to prevent appearances of bias in its Tamir Rice coverage, actually spoke to three police experts to get their take on the surveillance video which showed rookie officer Timothy Loehmann shooting the 12-year-old Rice at the Cudell Recreation Center on Nov. 22.

Unsurprisingly, all three experts found major faults with the officers' tactical approach. 

One, a senior researcher at the Police Foundation, said driving up to the Gazebo was a misstep, especially given that officers had been informed they were dealing with someone who might be armed. 

Another, a 30-year police veteran (also from the Police Foundation), echoed those concerns and and said that parking some distance away would have put officers out of the line of fire and given them a chance to communicate with Tamir. 

The third expert agreed, and further questioned whether or not it was even possible to give three distinct commands to drop a weapon in the time it took to drive up, as Deputy Police Chief Edward Tomba indicated in a press conference last week.  

Meantime, we've been assured that Cleveland's Use of Deadly Force Investigation Team is still hard at work on the case.  

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