PHOTO: Ohio Police Post Picture of a Shotgun Designed to Look Like a Toy Squirt Gun


The Sheriff Deputies of Ohio posted a photo to their Facebook page last week of a fully functional shotgun that was designed to look like Super Soaker water gun.

The image, as well as the comment "I suspect that we'll be seeing more and more of this," are disturbing on many levels, particularly in the wake of the tragic police shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice who was holding an "airsoft" gun. 

Since its publication on their Facebook page on Dec. 4, the post has spawned thousands of comments and shares, adding all the more urgency to programs like the local Boys and Girls Club toy gun buyback slated for Dec. 13.

Editor's note: An earlier headline on this post reflected that Ohio police had confiscated the weapon. They did not. Indianapolis police did in 2012.

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