'Travel + Leisure' Gives Cleveland Some 2015 Love


"Revival is well under way in downtown Cleveland, as young professionals move in and historic buildings are repurposed," reads the recent write-up in Travel + Leisure's Best Places to Travel 2015 series. And, if you look past the scourge of social, political and economic problems searing across every neighborhood in the city — very much including downtown — then, absolutely, yes, revival is under way here.

And that's not meant to be cheeky. Cleveland certainly has stuff it's gotta work out, but for incoming visitors the city is a veritable treasure trove of awesome.

Travel + Leisure is nothing to sniff at. The near-constant buzz over Cleveland in the national press is a nice counterpoint to decades of jokes, and getting some ink in legitimate travel rags is a boon. Here's more (dining-related, duh):
One of downtown’s most buzzed-about 2015 openings is Mabel’s BBQ from Iron Chef and native son Michael Symon, who wants to establish a Cleveland-style barbecue. (He’s finessing the sauce, likely a mix of mustard, Ohio maple syrup, and vinegar.) The innovative local food scene also counts farm-to-table Flying Fig and Mitchell’s Ice Cream, which began churning out seasonal small-batch flavors in April 2014. Both are in the hip Ohio City neighborhood, near the West Side Market, linked to downtown by new bike lanes. 

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