Paramount Pictures Pulls 'Team America' Screenings, Including Upcoming Feature at Capitol Theatre


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Against the backdrop of the ongoing controversy surrounding Sony's upcoming film, "The Interview," Paramount Pictures has decided to pull all upcoming screenings of "Team America: World Police." That includes a June 2015 showing at the Capitol Theatre.

See Capitol Theatre's tweet below. Earlier in the day, @lkwdcitizen asked @CapitolW56th about the upcoming "Team America" screening. Soon after, Paramount dropped the news to the theater. 

(Paramount hasn't publicly announced anything related to this.)

On top of cinema's most beloved interpretation of Matt Damon, "Team America" also features former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il as a goofball maniacal dictator. 

Alamo Drafthouse, a theater near Dallas, Texas, is reporting similar news


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