Thief Steals New York Liquor Store's Leg Lamp, Owner Roils With Unbound Fury


You can't throw a bough of holly in Cleveland without hitting some store's window display leg lamp — that iconic image of Christmas Story nostalgia and love. Same goes for other cities in the country too (there are other cities in the country?)

In North Tonawanda, N.Y., a suburb of Buffalo, this week, the owner of liquor store burned with the anger of 1,000 suns after a thief stole his leg lamp. 

On the store's Facebook wall, owner Gary Brennan wrote: "We had guy come into the store tonight. Walked in. Stole our Leg Lamp. This is our signature theme for our Christmas decorating. He is a worthless individual. He will be caught." (Emphasis ours, because we concur. We, as a city, feel the pain.) 

If ever we needed a Christmas miracle... — well, there might be more important needs out there, but this is as good a time as ever for hope.

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