Cleveland Police Recruit Involved in 2012 Shooting Will Not Be Sworn In Today


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Mayor Frank Jackson will swear in the 133rd Police Recruit Class today in Cleveland, but one cadet isn't making the cut. 

Brandon Smith formerly worked for the East Cleveland Police Department, from which he was allowed to resign over a 2012 shooting incident.  He and another officer shot up a car after pulling the driver over on Euclid Avenue for running a series of red lights. The officers said that the driver backed into their cruiser and then took off. Smith and his partner began shooting.

East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton said at the time that "ten or 11 bullets" hit the car but that no one was hurt. The incident was enough to cast Smith and Officer Matthew Ferrell under review for excessive force. 

Smith did not face criminal charges for the shooting.

A city spokesman says that Smith will continue his cadet status until further review.


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