Cleveland is Still a Really Shitty Place to Live if You're Black


African Americans in Cleveland are worse off than almost anywhere else in the country, a report published today on New Geography (originally appearing in Forbes), showed. 

As in other struggling Rust Belt Cities, blacks in Cleveland rarely own their own homes (37 percent), make nowhere near enough money (Median Home Income: $26,646), and aren't as entrepreneurial as in places like Atlanta or Charlotte or Washington D.C.

"African-Americans in these old industrial towns earn on average $10,000 to $15,000 less than their counterparts in Atlanta," writes author (and New Geography editor) Joel Kotkin. "Self-employment rates are half as high as those in our top 10 cities."

Cleveland was ranked 47 out of 52 cities in the study, right alongside other former manufacturing giants: Buffalo (46), Pittsburgh (48), and Cincinnati (50).   

The data relied exclusively on economic indicators, so things like the Tamir Rice shooting and racial profiling by police didn't enter into the equation; Cleveland likely would have slid even further in the rankings if they had.

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