Cleveland Ranked the Unhappiest City to Work in Right Now— We Disagree


  • Photo by Jason Morrison, Flickr Creative Commons

A new and highly scientific poll published by Forbes magazine pegs Cleveland as the unhappiest city in the U.S. to work in right now.

Via Forbes: 
To determine the happiest and unhappiest places to work, fulfillment-focused career site CareerBliss took a look at eight key factors that can influence an employee’s contentment, including work-life balance, an employee’s relationship with his or her boss and co-workers, general work environment, compensation, opportunities for advancement, company culture, and resources.

...Cleveland, Ohio, ranks as the unhappiest place to work in the country. (It may be a coincidence, but a greater number of cold-climate cities are viewed as unhappy places to work.)
First, a question: How many folks working in Cleveland visit CareerBliss to enter data about their work life? None of us? Okay then.

Second, a disagreement: Cleveland's a damn fine place to work (and a fine place to visit, too). 

Not only do we have a whole week dedicated to employee appreciation each year, but there are after-work happy hours every day of the week and terrific lunch spots, (Ohio's average income isn't too shabby either.)

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