Bill Cosby's Show in Sandusky Will Go On Next Week For Some Reason


Noted sleazeball and unprosecuted alleged serial rapist Bill Cosby wants to let the world know he's really excited that a venue in Sandusky hasn't done the right thing by not canceling the despicable old man's show next week on January 30 despite the never-ending parade of victims coming forth to tell their stories.

Here's his email to, among others, the Sandusky Register, saying a bunch of bullshit.

"Dear Fans: GOD has Blessed me with a wonderful gift to share with all of my fans. For 53 years I have continued to master this gift, which heals the soul and warms hearts. Laughter! I thank you, the theatre staff, the event organizers and the Sandusky community for your continued support and coming to experience family, fun entertainment. Let's Do It Again — I'm Far From Finished." 
His current tour has drawn plenty of scorn (and an indescribable movement of supporters), as well as defiantly disgusting onstage jokes from the man himself like this, from a show in Canada earlier this month.


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