Local Rapper Releases Music Video With Positive Message


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Local rapper K-Von and the crew he calls the New Generation regularly go into city schools to talk to kids about the value of education. "I want to hide my ego and not my intelligence," he told Scene in 2013. "I can't tell kids to get their education and treat their women right and then say, 'fuck those bitches' in a song. It's more than just rapping. I go back to the schools and speak about non-violence because I never had someone do that for me when I was growing up." He's just released a music video for the tune "Life," which he filmed at a local community center. "The message was to the new generation that we're not what our parents are," he says. "I come from two drug addicted parents, just cause that's what they are doesn't mean I have to go down that road." The song features local rappers Basheer Jones and RnB Meech.


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