Ceramics Take Center Stage at BAYarts


The latest exhibition at BAYarts features four ceramicists with longtime, close ties to the organization. Small Still Voice is a celebration of BAYarts new Karen Ryel Center for Ceramic Arts and Education (which will open early this year). Small Still Voices opens with a reception this Friday, Jan. 30, from 7 to 9 p.m in the Sullivan Family Gallery at BAYarts. The show features work by Moira Beale, Sue Peplin, Jessica Ramage and Erin Stack.

Historically, the ceramics space at BAYarts has always been in the dark, small basement of their old Huntington Carriage House. Despite the constraints of the space, the organization has a thriving collection of artists and classes for children, teens and adults. The work for Small Still Voice was conceived around the theme of transitions.

“Our new Karen Ryel Center for Ceramic Arts and Education is near completion, which makes it an incredibly exciting time for us all at BAYarts,” explains BAYarts Gallery Director Eileen Stockdale. “It's especially near and dear to the hearts of our dedicated ceramicists. In this exhibition, we have four of these women, who are exploring their personal journeys. Involved are Moira Beale - our Ceramics Department Head, Erin Stack - our Education Director, Jessica Ramage - our Ceramics Manager, and Sue Peplin - a longtime ceramics artist who has been with BAYarts for fifteen years. They have taken inspiration from personal, sensitive parts of their lives, and come together to share their voices. For them, the addition of our new studio is quite a personal thing in their artistic lives. The Sullivan Gallery actually has windows that look out to the new Ceramics Center, so this the idea of that opening and an exhibition about transitional journey's through ceramics was one I wanted to put together at this point in early 2015."

Small Still Voices and its reception are free and open to the public. Small Still Voices runs through the end of February.

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