Former Ohio Governor Candidate Who Didn't Know Where Youngstown Was Located Is Currently on the Run From Authorities


You might remember Larry Ealy from last year's Democratic primaries for the Ohio Governor race, but chances are you don't.

To catch you up very quickly: His most noteworthy entry in his run against Ed FitzGerald for the chance to lose to John Kasich came when Ealy, who ended up with 17 percent of the vote, told the Youngstown Vindicator that he wouldn't be meeting with them face-to-face to discuss his campaign because he didn't know where Youngstown was.

Ealy of Montgomery County failed to return recent phone calls from The Vindicator to discuss the race and declined to fill out the newspaper’s candidate questionnaire. When asked if he would meet with The Vindicator editorial board, Ealy said he didn’t know where Youngstown is located.
Anyway, jump ahead to November of last year and Ealy and his son were convicted on a host of charges in an identity fraud case. It seems the electronic monitoring device Ealy was sentenced to wear was not enough to hold the man down. WDNT in Dayton relays the most recent news:

Marshals are looking for Larry Ealy and his son, Lance.

Ealy was convicted on a fraud charge. They say he cut off an ankle monitoring bracelet and disappeared before reporting to jail to serve his time.

Lance Ealy is wanted on drug charges.
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