Locals Lafayette Carthon & Faith to Play House of Blues Gospel Brunches


An award-winning local keyboardist, producer and gospel artist who has produced and/or arranged music for numerous Grammy Award Winning Artists, including Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Marvin Winans, and Mary J. Blige, Lafayette Carthon has signed on to play House of Blues' gospel brunches for the rest of the year. His band the Faith will back him up. “We did a couple of gospel brunch shows here and there,” says Carthon. “They’ve been courting us for a long time.”

Carthon runs Carthon Conservatory—a “YMCA of music” that provides in-school music training for many schools and non-profit organizations, including ICAN Schools, Cleveland School of Arts, Fatima Family Center, local churches and many other leading institutions. “There’s so much going with the music conservatory and what we’re doing in the schools that it was hard to commit," he says. "Our schedule is so crazy. We wanted to bite the bullet and take [the gospel brunch gig]. Our music program is geared to getting people ready for the real world. Most of the real jobs in entertainment are not the jobs you see on the Grammys. There’s only a handful of people who get that mark. You have people behind the scenes performing in bands. We want to prepare people for that side. That’s how you’ll become successful. I worked for R. Kelly for years.”

Carthon & Faith perform at the next House of Blues gospel brunch, which takes place at 11 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 15. The brunches take place monthly throughout the year.

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