Ohio Man Wanted For Crimes Comments On Sheriff's Facebook Post About Him




A not particularly bright southern Ohio man, who's wanted on a slew of charges, commented on a Butler County Sheriff's Office Facebook post that named him the "featured warrant of the week."

The BCSO posted yesterday that Andrew Marcum, 21, was involved in some burglary, abduction, assault, domestic violence, criminal endangering, and "has some bench warrants." Soon after, according to 10tv.com, some people commented that they have some information on the guy. And that's when Marcum decided to chime in from his Facebook account, and turned a simple facebook post into a news story, ensuring it would be seen by thousands of more people than if he just would've kept quiet.

"I ain't tripping half of them don't even know me," Marcum replied publicly (essentially admitting that the other half of the people do know him, which is something to trip about).

The person running the Facebook page replied to him "Andrew Marcum - If you could stop by the Sheriff's Office, that'd be great."

Check out the Facebook page below (click on the icons under his pictures to read the comments)

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