JD McPherson Revives Retro Rock Fun at Beachland Ballroom

Concert Review


JD McPherson, the rockabilly hero of our times, brought out a robust crowd to the Beachland last night and cooked up a fine blend of new songs and older songs from his repertoire.

Sound tech issues aside, McPherson came out blazin' and got everyone moving real quick. Throughout each song, he made sure to spotlight his band members, each of whom held down various solo bits and ambient washes of harmony. 

Bassist Jimmy Sutton stole the show, giving a thrilling and physical performance as he walked up and down the neck and slammed his thumb onto and off of the strings. He threw down a little bass solo before the band went into "Bossy," and the crowd certainly took notice of the skill set he brought to McPherson's table.

Other highlights came in "You Must Have Met Little Caroline?" and "Head Over Heels" and the title cut from his latest album, "Let The Good Times Roll."

At one point, he referenced some crazy times that came with drinking Genesee Cream Ale (some guy in the crowd was holding up a can of the stuff), and somehow it seemed we could all relate. Rock 'n' roll felt fantastic last night.

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