Rock Hall Welcomes 10 Millionth Visitor

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Ross Walker
  • Ross Walker
Balloons cascaded from the ceiling of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as Ross Walker, the venue's 10 millionth visitor, walked in this morning.

"You're kidding me!" he said as he learned the news. 

The New York City resident cited all the awesome Jimi Hendrix items as the main draw for him today. 

"This is a great surprise. I got in off an overnight bus from New York and had some time to kill in Cleveland," Walker, a lifelong musician, said. "I've been thinking about coming here for a very long time."

He mentioned wanting to return here in future travels (including for the Rock Hall induction ceremony, for which he was given tickets). He also added that he's looking into attending the University of Akron.  

Photo via WKYC's Sara Shookman:


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