"I Wanted You to Be Aware That the Onion Has Apparently Acquired a Copy of Your Letterhead and Is Printing Letters On It" — Dave Yost to Local Mayor


We don't need to get too far into the weeds here on how Dave Yost came to pen a letter to Mayor Jeffrey Lansky of Maple Heights, whose city the Ohio auditor had placed in fiscal emergency mode.

All you really need to know is that Mayor Lansky penned a letter to Senator Sherrod Brown and other Democrats blaming Yost as the hatchet man for Governor John Kasich as, according to Lansky, Kasich cut local government funding over the years, which in his view was the source of his city's ongoing economic woes. The fiscal emergency designation, according to the mayor in his letter, "has to be the biggest bunch of hooey and poppycock since the wizard landed his balloon in the land of Oz."

His rhetorical flare didn't stop there. (Via Cleveland.com)

"When the auditors moved in we thought we were just letting a friend crash at our city hall for a few days," the mayor wrote.

"What we ended up with was an extended family who moved in forever, sleeping six to a bed and imagine 'Yo' Yost digging in our front yard for WMDs just like former President George W. Bush and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld did for months during the Iraqi war." 

Yost, perhaps taking inspiration from a famous 1974 letter from the Cleveland Browns' attorney to an overly concerned fan, responded in a pretty fantastic way.

His letter, in its entirety, is below.


Reached by Cleveland.com for a response to the response, Lanksy had this to say:

Lansky said in an interview Friday that he hadn't yet received Yost's letter and didn't get the reference to The Onion, a satirical news website. But the mayor said he welcomes anything that draws attention to Maple Heights' plight.

"He doesn't strike me as too funny of a guy or even too facetious," Lansky said of Yost. "He's kind of like a yawn-fest."
We, of course, beg to differ.

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