Ohio State Had a Horrendous Technical Foul




Five minutes into its opening game of the NCAA tournament, Ohio State was issued a technical foul. No, not because a Buckeye player tossed the ball 20 rows deep. No, nobody punched a VCU player. No, Thad Matta didn't storm onto the court to berate a referee.

Ohio State got a technical foul because somebody wrote the incorrect number in the scorebook for center Trey McDonald. McDonald had been wearing #55 all season, just like today. But when he entered the game with 14:42 left, the refs blew the whistle. The scorebook said he was #50, he entered with #55, and VCU was awarded an administrative technical foul. Check out the video on thebiglead.com.

VCU would hit one foul shot. But as I write this, two teams are in a tight game early in the second half. Hopefully for whoever writes Ohio State scorebook, the game will end with more than a single point differential.

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