Here's an Animated Video of the Proposed $25 Million Pedestrian Bridge


An animated video dramatically showing the scope and contour of the proposed $25 million pedestrian bridge appeared on YouTube Monday morning.  

County officials told Steven Litt at the NEOMG that they couldn't determine how the video appeared online, but had no problem with the publicity. 

(The YouTube user "Uridrach" just posts lots of videos of bridge visualizations nationwide, so odds are this isn't a county insider trying to sabotage the project.... BUT WHO KNOWS???)

The bridge won't be completed in time for the RNC, so the county is expected to reopen the bidding process soon. Officials are confident that without the insane pressure of a June, 2016, deadline, a few more contenders might throw their names in the ring for the honor of constructing this bad boy. 

Other officials "involved in the project" seem to be communicating to Steven Litt that the design concept is still evolving, but the final product should at least resemble the below.


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