Bruce Willis Thriller "Wake" is Laid to Rest


The Cleveland crew of the Bruce Willis indie-thriller Wake, which began production for ten days in February, received word that the picture was off, at least for now. 

Due to some producer-level disputes and really tight schedules of the film's supposed stars — Willis, Ben Kingsley, Piper Perabo, Ellen Burstyn — the film is dead in the water. 

If it's to be revived, reports Deadline, production wouldn't begin again for at least a year. And it's anybody's guess if the current cast and crew would remain on board. 

Cleveland will have to sustain itself on the positive vibes from the Film Fest and the film-industry boosterism of folks like Chagrin Falls native Fred Willard, who starred in the film-fest hit All-Stars. That film, which was shot in and around Northeast Ohio, should hit theaters later this spring. 

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