New Browns Unis are the Only Ones in NFL with City Name on the Front


We see you, Hartline. - CLEVELAND BROWNS
  • Cleveland Browns
  • We see you, Hartline.
The Cleveland Browns unveiled new team uniforms last night in a jubilant orange-carpet ceremony at the Cleveland Convention Center. 

With brown, white, and orange jerseys and pants, there are nine total combinations available for the Brownies when they take the field this fall.  

Among other notable characteristics — "BROWNS" along the side of the pants, for instance — the new uniforms now feature the only jerseys in the league with a team's city name on the front.

Team president Alec Scheiner told reporters last night that this was a big deal, that Nike recognized a rabid love for Cleveland among fans in focus groups, and wanted to unify "team and town" in the product design.

"CLEVELAND" will now be front and center. 


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