Loud in Cleveland with Restless Habs


This morning, we're happy to share the new episode of Loud in Cleveland, wherein hosts Drew Maziasz and Michael Cornacchione talk shop with the guys from Restless Habs.

From Mike:

"Now, these guys have been around for a while and Drew and I were a bit intimidated having them on. I mean, these guys are the upper-classmen of the local Cleveland music scene. It’s like inviting the seniors to sit at your lunch table as a freshman. After talking to them for a bit it quickly became apparent that these are some of the most down-to-earth guys around. It was incredibly fascinating to hear about all the things they’ve seen, the bands that have come and gone, tours in Europe, and past gigs, plus they told us about the rotating cast of drummers, which seems to be a bit of a theme on the show as of late. Drew and I also got to ask a few questions and dive a little into out quest to find out more about The Lottery League, which the guys from Restless Habs have participated in. We also got to talk about some of the things that could be problems in the scene, like oversaturation. Let us know what you think about it and if you agree."

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