Nike Wants You To Spend $350 on a Box and Three Ohio State Hats




Do you have disposable income, love products made in sweatshops, and want to give 350 bucks to a massive corporation to wear a hat with the logo of a team whose players aren't allowed to be paid? Then, boy, does Nike have a deal for you!

The company unveiled today their "Nike Ohio State Buckeyes Limited Edition Hat Box" for a mere $350. You get a hat box (above), three hats (below), and the satisfaction that you'll be the coolest kid in town. You know what, I'll just have Nike explain the deal to you...

Celebrate history. The Nike Ohio State Buckeyes Limited Edition Hat Box features three exclusive hats that are inspired by the storied Ohio State Buckeyes football program. Each hat is crafted with premium materials and finishes in classic Ohio State colors. The black box prominently features the Ohio State logo and unveils three drawers for each hat, finished in metallic silver and gold. Get yours on April 16 on (10am EDT/7am PDT).

Take a look at these snapback hats. Hat 1:


Hat 2:


Hat 3:


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