Two Girls with Glasses: Talking Filmmaking with Jon Nix, Jamie Overstreet and Tom Kondilas


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In this week's Two Girls With Glasses podcast, Brandi McElhatten and Nikki Delamotte talk to Jon Nix and Jamie Overstreet of Turnstyle Films, as well as Tom Kondilas from LESS Productions. They delve into the creative process behind filmmaking, the artistic glory years of music videos, and why music videos are still a relevant and integral part of music today.

Nix and Overstreet discuss their work on projects such as the John G documentary Draw Hard, their newly released short The Red End, and music videos for artists such as All Dinosaurs, Smoke Screen and SkeletonWitch.

Kondilas weighs in on his work on the Drink Local. Drink Tap. documentary Making Waves from Cleveland to Uganda and creating music videos for Herzog and Restless Habs.

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