Amidst Social Media Snafu, Blaine Griffin Wins FBI's Community Leadership Award


Blaine Griffin
  • Blaine Griffin
On Friday, Cleveland Community Relations Board Director Blaine Griffin received the FBI's "prestigious" Community Leadership Award. It's an annual recognition, presented by the Director of the FBI, "to honor individuals and organizations for their efforts in combating crime, terrorism, drugs, and violence in America." 

Griffin's award, for his commitment to improving Cleveland "through so many avenues," is perhaps not undeserved. Frank Jackson has certainly called him a valuable asset in these trying times.  

If anything, the award is awkwardly timed, given that Griffin was chastised earlier in the week for his ill-conceived social media outreach. Monday night, Griffin asked Cleveland Tweeters whether #ourcle should burn like #bmore #Ferguson #central #hough.

But as of April 20, when the FBI announced the award, Mayor Jackson had only praise for his cabinet member, who has been employed with the city since 2006: 

“Because of [Griffin's] leadership, vision, and energy the Community Relations program of Cleveland has a rippling effect that reaches to the Nation’s Capital,” Jackson said in a press release. 

A city spokesman said he thought Mayor Jackson mentioned Griffin's honor during a press conference last week, but it was lost within the Twitter frenzy. Griffin attended a ceremony in Washington D.C. to accept the award Friday evening.  


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