Basketball Writer Gets Backstory of Viral "LeBron James" Vine




If you're unaware of the "LeBron James" vine that's been viewed more than 35 million times since it was posted last summer, view it below, and keep it looping to get the full effect. It's a kid oddly saying "LeBron James" five different times, and it's simply hypnotizing (click the speaker icon on the bottom right to get the sound):

Weird things go viral on the internet. This is no different. It even got the attention of Cavs players like Tristan Thompson, who brought it up on the bench one game (again, click the speaker icon for sound):

Today, SLAM contributing editor Ryan Jones posted a very entertaining story about how this whole thing came about. It turns out, like a lot of families, an older brother had been teasing his younger brother. Only this time, it was a hit, and these two brothers from Sacramento made what Jones calls "the single greatest Vine of all time." Click here to read the story:

Terrance Jackson is 7 now, meaning he was 6 last summer when his endearing, sing-songy, ever-so-slightly peculiar pronunciation of a certain NBA superstar’s name caught his big brother’s attention. “He says a bunch of things in goofy ways,” Darius Jackson says. “Nobody in my family talks like that. He just does that out of nowhere.”

As Darius, now 17, remembers it, his little brother heard LeBron’s name uttered on TV at some point last June, and, as 6 year olds will do, he started randomly parroting what he’d heard. Not long after, the boys were in the family car on their way to their grandmother’s house, and as Darius remembers, “he just kept saying it over and over again.”

The boys’ mother, Valerie Jackson, remembers it well. “He just kept saying it and saying it, and we were like, ‘Terrance, why are you saying it like that?’” Valerie says. “He said, ‘I don’t know, Mom.’ Well, Darius, he’s always picking on him, so he just decided to record him. Darius is a jokester. If he’s sitting around not doing anything, he’s recording his little brother.”

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