Cuyahoga County Sheriff: Tamir Rice Shooting Investigation Not Done Yet


Cuyahoga County Sheriff Clifford Pinkney today provided a fairly useless update to the nearly six-month-long investigation into the shooting death of Tamir Rice in November 2014.

"We have been tirelessly working on this investigation," Pinkney said. "A majority of our work is complete." He added that "a few more witnesses need to be interviewed" and more forensic evidence needs to be gathered.

The sheriff took no questions, despite some in the press conference audience shouting out that this investigation has gone on for months. It is worth pointing out, though, that today's brief update signals at the very least a break from the office's total silence on the matter. 

Pinkney's office took over the investigation in January. Investigators initially received redacted files from the city of Cleveland; later that month, the city handed over unredacted files, and the sheriff's office picked up their work in earnest.

He did not offer any sort of timeline as to when the investigation will actually be complete.

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