Harbor Inn Lands on Esquire's Best Bars in America List



We do love a good list around here in Cleveland, and we here at Scene love the Harbor Inn. Esquire has been diligent and kind enough to combine the two for us in this month's issue.

The magazine's annual Best Bars in America feature is a delight and a must-read for the road-tripping imbibers among us. 

From the writers: "The oldest bar in town, Harbor Inn is a grizzled bunker of a place deep in the postapocalyptic industrial Flats down by the Cuyahoga River. Dark, cavernous, comfortable. If civilization were to collapse (more than it has already, that is), this would be the place to ride things out. Lord knows they've got enough booze, some of it decades old."

Frankly, we couldn't agree more. Harbor Inn draws from the very cultural roots that built Cleveland in the first place. If you've been, you know, and you're probably already on your way there now. 

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