Organizer Describes Dawg Stock Festival as ‘Small Cleveland Woodstock’

Concert Announcement


Mitch Hengst of the local jam band the Bag Brothers and Scott Nunnari of the Cleveland Muni Lot Browns Backers originally thought Dawg Stock would be a “simple jam band party.” But it’s grown into a legit festival that now includes multiple acts. The event, which takes place on Saturday, June 13, at the “beach at Scott’s house” in Columbia Station, features acts such as Native Knee, the Bag Brothers, the Taylor Lamborn Band, the Cotton Cats, the Codgers, Metal Drifter, C-Level, Blackstone and the Geezers.
In addition, singer-guitarist Ray Flanagan will give a special solo performance. “The Facebook event has a solid amount of RSVPs and we are expecting double that day of,” says Hengst. “There will be partying and camping the night before with music the entire next day until late — like a small Cleveland Woodstock,” an apt comparison though it should be noted that attendance at Dawg Stock is likely to be in the hundreds, a bit shy of the hundreds of thousands who showed up for Woodstock. 

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