Wood Engravings Exhibitions to Open at Morgan Conservatory on Friday


  • Claudio Orso
From 7 to 9 p.m. this Friday, June 5, the Morgan Conservatory hosts a reception for its latest pair of exhibitions. Both shows feature wood engravings on handmade paper.

Claudio Orso’s Tavola Lunga features large-scale woodcuts by the Oberlin-based printmaker. The exhibition’s title refers to an Italian term, meaning “Long Board.” The work for this exhibition is created using wood measuring up to 4 ft. by 8 ft.

Meanwhile, Cleveland-based wood engraver Eric Gulliver organizes a collection of work by members of the Wood Engravers Network. The Morgan Conservatory paper mill and the Wood Engravers Network have partnered to create a limited edition, hand-printed folio book. A series of prints on custom-made paper will be displayed to showcase these vibrant artists and the benefits of hand papermaking.

“I have been a relief printer off and on for over twenty-five years but I didn’t encounter wood engraving until I took a two-day class in 2006," Gulliver says. "I was drawn to the medium because it allows an artist to create exceptional prints with little more equipment than a few burins and a wooden spoon. It meant I could work anywhere, I didn’t need a press and my kitchen table could be a studio. Shortly after that, I discovered the Wood Engravers Network and with the first Bundle discovered the breadth and range that was possible. Breathtaking details, stunning vista’s, delightful jokes and intimate charming visions tumbled out of every bundle, calendar and collaborative print. This exhibition is my attempt to share my love of these works with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.”

Stop by the Morgan Conservatory this Friday evening to learn more about the artists, their work, wood engraving and hand papermaking. Both exhibitions are free and remain on view through Saturday, July 18.

(Morgan Conservatory) 1754 E. 47th St., 216-361-9255, morganconservatory.org

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