VIDEO: Brand New Akron Mayor Gary Moneypenny Turned "Goodbye Hug" into "Too-Personal Encounter"


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The dear sweet city of Akron, already reeling from the Cavs' Game one loss to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals Thursday night, had this political scandal to wake up to:

Newly sworn-in mayor Gary Moneypenny admitted that he violated a personal and professional boundary with a city employee. He inappropriately touched her.  

The city employee came into Moneypenny's office to wish him well on his transition to Mayor and then: 

"I turned a goodbye hug into a too-personal encounter," Moneypenny said in a very brief press conference Friday morning. (Watch below.) 

Though he won't resign, Moneypenny said, he will not seek election for a full mayoral term in November. 

In more cheerful news, at least one Akron son will have secured an NBA title by Friday, June 19.


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