Act II for Bounce Nightclub Officially Begins Pride Weekend


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When Bounce Nightclub (2814 Detroit Ave.) closed after 13 years this past winter, Cleveland’s LGBT community (and those who loved partying with them) feared the worst while hoping for the best. Rumors were circulating that a new owner might swoop in to save the day (and the club).

Apparently, that is precisely what happened.

New owners Joe Jackson, Robert Jackson and Andrew Smith purchased the property, invested a couple hundred grand to spruce it up, and promise to have it reopened in time for this year’s Pride weekend.

Hallelujah, as The Weather Girls might sing.

Improvements include all new flooring throughout, an improved and expanded layout in the bar/restaurant, and cosmetic changes to the lounge and theater spaces. The small retail space up front was removed. And by fall, part of the parking lot will be transformed into “one of the nicest patios in Cleveland,” according to partner Joe Jackson.

Jackson, who moved back home from Texas to partner with his brother on the project, says it was the staff that ultimately tipped the scales and swayed him to jump aboard.

“What really convinced me and my brother was the staff who stuck around until the end even when they knew it was closing,” he explains. “We said we’d be crazy not to jump on this with guys like that.”

As for the restaurant formerly known as Union Station, the plan is to wait until after Pride weekend to get it fully up and running. And even then, the plan is to play it pretty conservative in terms of the food offerings. Sunday brunch will be added down the road.

“We know that on Fridays and Saturdays people are coming here to see shows and to dance,” Jackson says. “It’s a tough sell on weekends to get people to eat a big meal before going to dance.”

What’s more, with so many other options nearby, the plan is to focus on feeding those already coming to the club.

“We’re a destination place,” he says. “It would be tough to compete with 25th with respect to getting people to come here and eat when they can go down there and have their choice of restaurants.”

And to those who feared that the club would reopen with an entirely new concept geared to a different clientele, Jackson says, “We’re still here primarily for the [LGBT] community, just as it has been for the last 13 years.”

Look for an opening day of June 26. 


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