Preview: Tina Bergman Discusses Apollo Fire's Sugarloaf Mountain Concert Series


By Jeremy Reynolds

“My background is with American Old Time and Celtic, so this is right up my alley — like putting on an old pair of shoes,” said hammered dulcimer player Tina Bergman. We chatted about Apollo’s Fire’s Sugarloaf Mountain rogram in a recent telephone conversation. Performances of this crossover concert will take place from Sunday, June 14 through Sunday, June 21 in a variety of venues including the Huntington Playhouse in Bay Village and the Geauga Lyric Theatre in Chardon (see concert listings for full details).

The ensemble — which also includes Amanda Powell (soprano), Ross Hauck (tenor), Susanna Gilmore (fiddle), Kathie Stewart (flute), Brian Kay (lute, guitar, banjo), René Schiffer (cello), Jeannette Sorrell (harpsichord and direction) — is celebrating its newest album of the same title with CD release parties held after select concerts.

The title of the program is drawn from music director Sorrell’s childhood, when she played organ in a church in Maryland with a view of Sugarloaf Mountain. The concert will consist of traditional music from Scotland, Ireland, America, and Africa.

How was the music selected? “There’s a trajectory here of being in Scotland and having to say goodbye, and then the celebration of landing in the new world,” said Bergman. “The story covers all of the universal truths of the human experience. In Scotland you’ve got this need to move and explore, and the opportunity to visit far-flung lands. At the same time, there’s this incredible connection to home, and the conundrum of how you carry home with you when you leave. There’s the joy of leaving, but also the heartsick aspect of knowing you may never see your friends and family again. All of those emotions come through in the music. Then when we reach America, there’s a big celebration and a musical exploration of all of the different aspects of American culture.” Read the entire preview on

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