Some Friendly Suggestions for the Guy Who Prematurely Got a Cavs 2015 NBA Champs Tattoo


Losing to the Golden State Warriors in Game 6 of the NBA Finals was soul-crushing for Clevelanders. The 51-year championship drought continues as Cavs fans sadly proclaim, "There's always next year." 

But imagine how it feels to be the guy who tattooed "2015 NBA Champs" on his leg, before the NBA Finals even started. 

It seems that the diehard Cleveland fan isn't too down after Tuesday night's loss at home. 

Good for you, guy.

If, down the road, you decide the grief we're sure you'll receive becomes too much, here are a few humble suggestions from us to you. 

- Cover it: There are plenty of area tattoo places that would surely appreciate the challenge of burying the memories behind a breathtaking ink-mountainside or a giant portrait of LeBron's face. 

- Wait until next year: Cleveland fans have been waiting for decades. But Las Vegas has already pegged the Cavs as a 2016 favorite. It wouldn't be too hard to  turn that "2015" into a "2016." 

- Remove it: The least appealing of these options, but it might be time to abandon the permanent ink. Cleveland Clinic offers laser removal of tattoos for the price of your first born child. If you are looking for a cheaper option, hop on Amazon and buy a $55 jar of "Tattoo Off." It totally works... 

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