VIDEO: Cleveland Civic Leaders Pump Themselves Up With City of the Future Video


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The Greater Cleveland Partnership's Annual Meeting was held Wednesday evening at the Cleveland Convention Center. reported that prepared remarks were awash in gratitude for the Cavaliers and the playoff run's attendant economic boost. 

Below, we've included the GCP's intro video, so you can get a flavor of the business community's aura and id. It sort of lays out the hopes and dreams of the region's foremost civic leaders, their vision for the future.

Some of the sentiments are more or less consistent with the past twenty years — Scott Wolstein: 'There's no reason Cleveland can't be one of the really great waterfront communities in the world."

But others impinge more directly upon recent news — Joel Ratner: "It's about merging East Cleveland into the City of Cleveland."

Still others are cosmetic — HBC's Jason Estremera:  "I see our buildings having garden rooftops and moving gardens scaling the sides of them." 

Or flat-out unexpected — Ronn Richard: "I really would hope that Cleveland would say: We're gonna start to rival Georgia Tech as a center for computer security."

Apologies for the hamburger-horizontality.


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