You're Tearing Me Apart Lisa: 'The Room' to Screen For Final Time at Cedar Lee


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Sad news, cult-movie fans: After a five-and-a-half year run, Tommy Wiseau's "masterpiece of bad moviemaking" The Room will screen for the final time at the Cedar Lee on July 11.

Cleveland Cinemas' Director of Marketing Dave Huffman told Scene that the average monthly attendance has been falling for the past couple of years.

"The figures just didn't make it financially possible for us to keep it going," Huffman wrote in an email.

The Room, which came to define the "So Bad It's Good" cult subgenre, had become a staple of Cleveland Cinemas' midnight programming. After The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which has been screening monthly at the Cedar Lee for 27 years, it's the second longest running film in the theatre's history. 

If you've never seen The Room, or wish to relive some of its classically awful moments, please do enjoy a compilation of the film's best scenes below: 


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