Two Girls With Glasses: Designer Toy Maker Kaitlin Juarez of MadKnits


On the newest episode of Two Girls With Glasses, Brandi McElhatten and Nikki Delamotte talk to master monster-maker Kaitlin Juarez, creator of the designer toys MadKnits.

Juarez describes MadKnits creatures as “a ragtag group of alien space explorers that have crashed their ship into our planet and have since made it their home.” Each comes with its own name and history, spawning international collectors who take their MadKnits on adventures of their own.

On Two Girls With Glasses, Juarez talks about incorporating new technology like laser cutting and 3D printing into crafting MadKnits, her favorite designer toymakers, how sustainability plays a major role in her art and her experiences as part of the comic con community.

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Stream the episode below.

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