IKEA in Brooklyn Update: Hold Your Horses


This morning, the Plain Dealer's Michelle Jarboe McFee advised us all to chill the heck out with the IKEA-in-Brooklyn festivities, especially in light of an erroneous Fox 8 report last week that the Swedish furniture retailer could open in Northeast Ohio as early as 2016. 

No effin way. 

What was characterized by Fox 8 as a permit request with Brooklyn was actually just IKEA's ongoing research and communication with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, McFee wrote.

An IKEA spokesman actually used the word "silly" when responding to questions about a 2016 opening date, and McFee astutely offered another timeline as an example. She said that even though IKEA announced plans for their new Columbus store back in January, it's not slated to open until 2017. 
Your friends at Scene do apologize, but your horse meat recipes will simply have to wait. 

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