Local Hardcore Act Above This Fire Honored with Special Fat Head's Sandwich

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Almost to the date six years ago, Above This Fire’s LT Magnotto wrote to let us know that the band’s favorite greasy spoon, George’s Kitchen in Westpark named a sandwich after his local hardcore band. Apparently, the restaurant’s owner saw a press photo of the group that was taken in front of his diner and was so thrilled that the guys frequented his place, he decided to give them their own dish. Magnotto said the sandwich, which was called the “Above This Fire Buffalo Chicken Sammy,” was “pretty incredible.”

Just this week, Magnotto wrote us again to tell us that Fat Head's Brewery has named a sandwich after the band. “Apparently the cooks are big fans,” he says. The sandwich includes tomato, habanero, and tequila marinated chicken breast. It’s charbroiled and topped with spicy Italian sausage, fried egg, provolone, ghost pepper ranch, lettuce, tomato and red onion.

At the time we blogged about the buffalo chicken sandwich, the band was playing a gig with hardcore act Shai Hulud. The group is again slated to play a gig with Shai Hulud. That show takes place at 6 p.m. on Saturday, July 25, at the Foundry.


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