Cleveland Moviegoers Fuel Trainwreck's Opening Weekend Success


The raunchy Amy Schumer rom-com Trainwreck opened to a better-than-expected $30.1 million at the box office this weekend. One reason for its success, say industry watchers: Cleveland fans, who flocked to the cineplex to see hometown hero LeBron James.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Cleveland, as a market, performed 66 percent higher than initial estimates, (this is huge), and that the film did better in South Florida than anyone saw coming — Heat fans remain loyal too, it appears. 

The film was initially expected to gross somewhere between $20-$25 million in its opening weekend, but the early success testifies to Amy Schumer's popularity on the coasts and LeBron's popularity in the heartland. 

Put these two on a presidential ticket, am I right??? 

Fans at last Friday's premiere in Akron were certainly salivating to see the film, and maybe Schumer and Hader and Apatow caravanning to Akron at LeBron's personal invitation engendered some Midwestern goodwill: Trainwreck's opening weekend is Apatow's second-highest ever, trailing only Knocked Up, which grossed $30.9 million in its first three days.  

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