Remember That Secret Plain Dealer Gubernatorial Endorsement Video? Here's a Clip.


Man, remember when these two guys were squaring off?
  • Man, remember when these two guys were squaring off?
Now feels like an appropriate time to post that Plain Dealer gubernatorial endorsement video that the NEOMG was so insistent upon keeping secret.

Kasich announced his presidential candidacy this morning, and among other things, that means that dodging questions the way he did in October, 2014, will be much more difficult. The ravenous national political press corps won't be satisfied with evasive non-answers.  

Below, you can watch poor Ed FitzGerald try to nail Kasich down on that rape crisis counselor gag rule. Kasich, who, as reported back then, doesn't even acknowledge FitzGerald's existence and starts spouting off about pre-natal care and other abortion related topics without ever answering the question. The PD editorial board basically lets him get away with it. 

Thanks to Wonkette for tracking this down last year. 

Here Kasich is, in all his douchey glory: 

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