Here's Cardale Jones Shutting Down A Twitter Troll Who Doesn't Agree That #BlackLivesMatter


  • @CJ12_ Twitter
Cardale Jones has a dynamic Twitter account. And while he's pretty good at QB, he's really good at calling things as they are. 

Today, he was tackling the frustrating #AllLivesMatter rhetoric, which runs rampant on social networks and which seeks to diminish black voices in U.S. society. (Want to know more? This reddit thread actually sums up the linguistic and social problems with the phrase very well.)

Anyway. Cardale wrote: "You tell me that #AllLivesMatter well I say how do you define "All" ?"

And Buckeyes fan Dan Gustafson fired back in a tweet that's since been deleted: "worry about getting us fans another championship..... Stay out of this bullshit. #GoBucks"

Here's Cardale again: "Sorry Mr master, I aints allow to tweet nothing but foolsball stuff I donts want you think I more than a foots ball playa sir"

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