Loud in Cleveland Podcast with Ageless Males


Our friends at Loud in Cleveland shared their latest episode today — this time with Kyle Singleton and Adam Katon from the band Ageless Males.

From hosts Drew Maziasz and Michael Cornacchione:

"Kyle Singleton, who plays guitar and sings, and Adam Katon, the drummer for Ageless Males, came by our super-secret base of operations and world conquest. They came with a case of beer, too, which instantly makes them one of the best guests we’ve ever had on Loud in Cleveland. So, future guests take note. As soon as we hit record on our equipment, we knew this was going to be a good episode. The laughs and jokes started immediately and barely let up for the entirety of our interview. One of our topics was, of course, the name of the band and how it was chosen. We also talked about how they’ve crafted a very unique voice for themselves in what is becoming an increasingly harder place to be noticed. One of the most unique things we discovered about Ageless Males is that, unlike most of our guests, they wrote and recorded their album “A.M.” before they ever took the songs to the stage of a Cleveland club."

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